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Chubb Rock

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"Chubb Rock, delivers performances that are clever, funny and intelligent, don't miss a chance to see him live on stage."

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Some of his Story

Our Host for the Jazz, Blues & BBQ Father’s Day Festival hails from Brooklyn, New York, now residing and working out of Atlanta, Georgia, Chubb Rock. One of Chubb Rock's defining characteristics is his versatile flow & lyrical prowess. His rhymes are clever, infused with humor and intelligence, showcasing a keen sense of wordplay & storytelling.


Chubb Rock has also been a voice for social issues within his music. He addresses topics such as inequality, racism, and urban life, providing insight into the realities faced by many in his community. Through his lyrics, he encourages listeners to think critically about societal challenges while also celebrating the resilience and creativity of hip-hop culture.


"Attention all music lovers and BBQ enthusiasts! Get ready for a Father's Day celebration like no other, as radio personality and classic hip hop artist Chubb Rock takes the stage to host the Jazz Blues and Barbeque Father’s Day Festival on Saturday, June 15th, at John Hunt Park in Huntsville, Alabama. Join us for a day filled with soulful tunes, mouthwatering BBQ, and family fun. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

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