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About Microwave Dave (Gallagher)

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"Microwave Dave Gallagher, a legendary figure in the world of cigar box guitar, hails from Huntsville, Alabama."

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Some of his Story

Microwave Dave, a beloved local musician renowned for his electrifying blues performances, will take the stage to delight audiences with his signature style and infectious energy. As a cornerstone of the Huntsville music scene, Microwave Dave's presence at the festival promises to be a highlight of the event, showcasing the talent and vibrancy of the city's musical heritage.


Microwave Dave is a revered blues musician and a beloved fixture of the Huntsville music scene. With his soulful vocals, masterful guitar skills, and boundless passion for the blues, Microwave Dave has earned a dedicated following both locally and beyond. His performances are characterized by infectious energy, captivating audiences with every note. As a proud representative of Huntsville's musical legacy, Microwave Dave continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his electrifying performances and unwavering dedication to the craft of blues music.  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

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