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Conduct & Safety Policy

*All decisions regarding the interpretation of Policy are solely by Epic-Live-Events Management*
Purpose: The safety and well-being of all attendees, staff, artists, and vendors are our top priorities. This policy outlines guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.


General Guidelines
No vulgar language or behavior, treat others around you with kindness and respect.
Any form of harassment, discrimination, racial slurs or violence will result in immediate expulsion.
Appropriate dress as determined by event management required. I.e., shirt, pants, shorts must be worn.
Follow instructions from festival staff and security personnel.
Avoid pushing, shoving, or aggressive behavior and be mindful of personal space during performances.
Do not tamper with or steal others' belongings.
Dispose of trash in designated bins, Recycle whenever possible to Keep the festival grounds clean.


Alcohol and Substance Use:
Consume alcohol responsibly and within legal limits.
No outside alcohol is allowed on property, alcohol must be purchased from event vendors if available. 
Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion and possible criminal charges.
Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

Emergency Evacuation:
Follow instructions during emergency announcements and Help others evacuate safely.


Medical Assistance:
Seek medical help if you feel unwell or witness someone in distress, A paramedic is on staff.


Weather Preparedness:
Check weather forecasts and dress accordingly.
Seek shelter during lightning storms or heavy rain, stay hydrated and use sunscreen.


Security Checks:
Bags and belongings are subject to security checks at entry points.
Report any suspicious activity to festival staff.


Conclusion: By attending Event, you agree to abide by this Conduct and Safety Policy. Let's create a memorable and safe experience for everyone!

Updates for policy may be changed at any time, updates shall supersede previous versions, be sure to check back for any changes. 

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